Culebra at dusk

Old building in Culebra at dusk

I keep saying that I really want to shoot this certain old building here in Culebra. In my opinion you only get about an hour a day to make great photo’s. Half hour in the morning and half hour in the evening. If you are crafty you can extend them to maybe an hour each. Now that’s not to say you can’t take a good photo at any time, however a good photo becomes great when it’s taken at the right time of day. For me photography is all about light and angles, and the angle of the light.

I say all this to tell you that I keep getting thwarted in my quest to shoot this building, it needs to be shot in the evening for the angles and light to work out. Every evening for the last week something has happened, it rains, winds blows 30 knots, I fall asleep, someone comes by the boat to say hello, the list goes on… Today was different, come hell or high water that old building was getting it’s portrait taken! I dingied over and got ready for that perfect light, I shot the sweet light as the sun set and was about ready to head back to the boat. Then something great happened (for me anyway), the power went out. In short order the business’s began to close due to the lack of electricity and the employee’s and owners ┬áheaded home. At first I was annoyed at all the traffic but soon saw the potential, light in the form of headlights at dusk with no streetlights to mess it all up. I really like the results here, I’m sure that it will be a long time before I get to shoot in this lighting combination again, if ever. In the end not only did I get the old building, I also got my favorite bakery in town.

Bakery at dusk

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